Jorge Suárez-Quiñones Rivas' Yet Untitled Strategy

I have worked with Jorge before on a different project. Because of that, I was quite sure our collaboration should involve writing to each other - and so we did. We have written e-mails, though this word seems a bit too small for the long messages of ours. So far, ten of such letters came to existence. The first one is dated 2020/06/02 and the last one 2020/07/26. Each contains roughly 1000 words. We do not yet know whether they will be an artwork in their own right or just a foundation for one. We take our time and cherish the process.

I am bound to present the results of this project and therefore I am doing so the best
I can at this time. Jorge's Strategy is still a work in progress and I do not believe it should be rushed. We will get there soon enough.